Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here is a collection of frequently asked questions about our Yoga courses. If your question stays unanswered, contact us at or call us (mobile or whatsapp +91-808 784 8003).

Is any specific criteria like experience or certification needed for the 200hrs Teacher Training Course?

In general, all our classes and courses are open for everyone, all ages, nations, experience levels. We invite everyone to follow the path of Yoga with us! For the Teacher Training Course, please keep in mind that it is a 4-week intensive experience. A level of physical and emotional stability is considered crucial. If you have health issues, please talk to us before booking.


No, we do not expect any kind of specific preparation prior to the course. Although, any kind of knowledge about Yoga will be a good base for learning and understanding.

A maximum of ten students  will be in the Teacher Training course. We will make no compromise to that to maintain the quality and focus on every student.

Will there be a final exam or assessment at the end of the Teacher Training Course?

There will be a written assignment containing questions about Philosophy and Anatomy. It has to be submitted two days before the course ends. Part of the curriculum is a class that you conduct with one of your fellow students. Our teachers (and yourself!) will get an impression of the skills you acquired and give honest feedback.

You will get a Yoga Alliance certification that proves you did the 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training course following Yoga Alliance standards. With that certification, you will be able to register as a RYT-200 and become part of the worldwide Yoga Alliance community.

If you want to know more about the standards, read this:

Our teachers are experienced in various branches of Yoga. The subject of “Yoga” is very vast, there are many traditions and styles. In our course, you will get an overview of that. As to the Yoga asana classes, there will be a focus on Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga.

All our Yoga classes are taught in English. Though, our teachers are all Indian and speak Hindi, so you can also enroll if your knowledge of the English language is very basic.

What study materials do I need for the Teacher Training Course and where do I get them?

We will provide you with all the relevant study material. There is a carefully researched and Yoga Alliance aligned manuscript for the Teacher Training course. It is well designed and written in an easily comprehensible language, illustrated with photographs.

The 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course is a very dense experience. You are studying Yoga related matters for almost 12 hours each day, following by some light homework.

We recommend, that you focus on this schedule. Due to experience, we want to mention here: enrolling into other courses parallel to the Teacher Training Course, is not allowed.

Sundays are free for your amusement!


After the 200hrs Teacher Training Course, you will be certified as a Yoga Alliance registered Yoga teacher. That is a sign of credibility. Although, Yoga is a very vast field. The question, if you are able to teach is to answer by yourself.

For sure, you will gain knowledge that will prepare you for teaching beginners and intermediate students.

As our course duration isn’t that long, each day will be important as an aspect of better learning. A day gap can derive lots of lack of your knowledge. Therefore, full attendance in the course period is a must. Half-knowledge is dangerous, especially when it comes to Yoga.

There will be a simple homework to prepare each day. There is a lot of information to be provided within this month. But don’t worry: we are aware of your full schedule, so your daily homework will take not more than an hour.

We’re open to everyone: every nation, every age, gender, level of education. We have a major proportion of students from India, Australia, Canada, America and European countries. The atmosphere of our institute is some like a family. A family connected with Yoga!

The 100hrs Teacher Training Course follows the schedule of the 200hrs Teacher Training course for 12 days. Within these days, the curriculum is identical – except for the Anatomy class that is not included in the 100hrs Training. The 100hrs Training is rather an exercise to create more awareness to Yoga, whereas the 200hrs Teacher Training course will be awarded with a Teacher Training certificate that allows you to teach.

That depends from your point of departure. Generally speaking: if you attend a course in Dharamshala or Rishikesh, New Delhi would be a good point of arrival. If you visit us in Goa, the Goan airport is closest. See our location section for more information.

Yes, we can arrange pick-up from train station or airport. Just provide us all the information about your arrival.

You need a visa to enter India. A tourist visa will be fine for attending our courses.


If you choose the residential option for the course, it will be no problem to add extra days before or after the course. As you will be pretty busy for the duration of the course, it might actually be nice to have some time to explore the area. Just let us know about the dates and we will assist you.

The accommodation offered is a private, simple and neat room with a bed, attached bath (hot water) and free WIFI.

We follow a yogic diet. The food served will be sattvic, vegetarian Indian food, including Thali, Dal and rice, chapatti etc.

Is it better to do the Teacher Training Course in Dharamshala, Goa or Rishikesh?

There is no better or worse, as the content and quality of the teaching stays the same. Still, you can ask yourself: what climate and surrounding would be more suitable for yourself? If you like hot humidity and beaches, Goa might be your option of choice. If the serene atmosphere of the Himalayas sounds more appealing, visit us in the Dharamshala area and if you feel, that the ‘Yoga capital of the world’ should be on your route, come to Rishikesh.

It is possible to do Karma Yoga (work in exchange for courses) with our Yoga studio. Please contact us for more information.

Seasonal clothes (check temperatures for the location and time of your course) and personal items of use.


You can either apply through this website (chose your date and click on the booking button) orsend us an e-mail at

You can transfer the money to our bank account or via paypal.

Our details:

Western Union Money Transfer

Send Your fee to Raj

Address: Raj Yoga School


There are two options for the Teacher Training Course: Residential and Non-residential. The residential option covers everything from course, course materials to accommodation, food and water/herbal tea throughout the day. The non-residential option covers only course and study materials.

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