Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course

50 Hours (7 days) Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course

Aerial Yoga is a mix of yoga, acrobatics, pilates and physical therapy. It’s easier than normal yoga because we use swings to support our body weight so our muscles don’t work as hard. The swings allow us to move more freely, stretch easier, attain correct alignment and do advanced poses such as handstands and inversions. Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course offers great therapeutic benefits by using gravity to stretch the spine, relieve back pain and heal injuries.

Aerial means air or to fly. Yoga means union of body, mind and spirit with the divine or universal life giving force. This is achieved by purifying and strengthening the body through proper diet and physical conditioning, calming the mind through meditation, realizing the spirit by exploring our essential nature and transcending the barriers of ego consciousness, plus space and time, which separate us from the true nature of being and reality.

Aerial Yoga is a wonderful practice to facilitate this. We use a prop, such as a strap, hammock, silk or swing, to support the body weight and hold poses more comfortably and stay for longer, giving us time to focus our attention, analyze and adjust alignment and relax into a deeper state of consciousness.

Swings also allow us to increase our range of motion, deepen stretches, find new balance and easily achieve advanced poses, plus combine asanas to create new ones. Most importantly, aerial is fun and makes us happy. The swings help all students reach the same level, so we are less occupied with comparing ourselves with others and criticising our own lack of development. We can all do one-handed hand stands, back flips and even fly over water. Through blissful play we lose ourselves in the moment to reach a state of pure ecstatic being. By sharing aerial with others we create an abundance of health and happiness all over the world.

50 Hours Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course Highlights

50 hour aerial yoga teacher training course at Raj Yoga School, Dharamshala (India) is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practice of aerial yoga. The course is typically divided into theoretical and practical components, with students expected to complete 50 hours training:

  • Aerial yoga sequencing

You will learn how to create effective and safe  aerial yoga sequences, taking into account the needs and abilities of different students.

  • Aerial yoga adjustments and modifications

You will learn how to modify aerial yoga poses for different body types and levels of experience, as well as how to provide hands-on adjustments to students during class.

  • Aerial yoga teaching practice:

You will have an opportunity to practice teaching aerial yoga to their peers, receiving feedback and guidance from the course instructor.

  • Teaching Methodology:

You will learn about the  principles of effective teaching, including how to design and deliver aerial yoga classes

  • Hatha Yoga & Pranayama

You will learn the benefits of Regular hatha yoga asana, pranayama and different breathing techniques that can support the aerial yoga practice.

  • Meditation

You will learn meditation and relaxation practices that will help deepen their awareness of breath and calm their minds.

  • Sample Daily Schedule

•9:00- 10:30 Hatha yoga & Pranayama

•12:00 – 13:00 Aerial Yoga Class

•14:30 – 15:30 methodology

•18:00 – 19:00 Teaching Practice.

•19:00 – 20:00 Meditation (not everyday)

7 Day (50 Hrs) Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course Starts From every Month 01st, 02nd & 04th Monday
Fees: 250 Euro

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