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About yoga teacher training course in dharamshala: Raj Yoga School was founded in July 2015 by Raj and Bharat from a desire to share the gift of yoga with others.

Raj yoga school has over a decade of the best yoga education programs and has trained hundreds of highly qualified yoga teachers.

Offering over 09 yoga teacher training programs each year, Raj Yoga School is a popular yoga teacher training school in Dharamshala, and Arambol (Goa) India.

Raj Yoga School has many graduates that are registered (see reviews TripAdvisor, google and Facebook).

Programs are 200-hour certified. admission is open to all ages, levels, and experience yogis. the training is all-inclusive with Indian vegetarian meals and comfortable accommodations provided.

Why choose us

At Raj Yoga School, our goal is to help you reach your full potential on all levels; to find balance and harmony in life.

  • Classes of 27 or less true yogic lifestyle.
  • Exposure to several styles of yoga-friendly family-like environments.
  • Nutritious, homemade, Indian food that is vegan and good value combined with high quality.
  • Over 200 reviews on Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc. Over 250 graduates from more than 30 countries.
Raj Yoga School

The Power Yoga

over the last decades, yoga has become popular in the Western world. many people seeking a more meaningful and happy life in inner peace, turn to this ancient Indian practice.

Why Is That?

In this fast-paced time, our jobs, computers, telephones, and social media determine our lives. we find ourselves in constant communication. though, more and more people realize that they feel disconnected – from themselves. within everyday life, one might not find the space to turn inward or listen to one’s body. our own physical and mental well-being strongly predicts how we feel and how we can cope with what’s going on around us.

yoga has the power to strengthen the connection of body, mind, and soul. it can help you to get in touch with yourself again. feel your senses and your intuition awakening by immersing into the world of yoga. your yoga practice is time for yourself with yourself, opening up and exploring your inner world.

don’t be deterred by all these super flexible yogis in tight-fit wear. yoga is not about flexibility. it is for everyone and about finding out what is good and beneficial for your own body. being fully aware of different body types, we treat our students individually and concerning their physical features. we are here to support you with your yoga journey!

Yoga school goa dharamsala

Multi-style Yoga

We want to help our students discover the yoga that suits their needs best. that’s why Raj Yoga School offers a variety of different yoga styles. although our classes are always influenced by a vast knowledge of yoga, our school provides Drop-in-Classes in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (Mysore style), Hatha Yoga, Arial Yoga, Yin Yoga, Acro Yoga, Meditation, And Pranayama.

Student and Teacher

There are many yoga teachers out there. every yoga class will be a bit different. we strongly encourage anyone interested in learning yoga, to take your time finding a yoga teacher who meets your needs, a teacher you feel a connection to and would like to learn from. a good student-teacher relationship is the base. even more important, and a prerequisite for progress and understanding of yoga: is your willingness to practice. after all, apart from learning from your teacher, the benefits of yoga for yourself will open up using establishing a regular practice.

Our Students

Our 200-hour yoga teacher training courses are open to people with all levels of yoga experience and physical ability. we welcome students from all walks of life and from around the world. please come with an open mind and an overall willingness to be real, present, and compassionate to yourself and kind to others. a majority of our guests are solo travelers seeking like-minded people in a healthy, rejuvenating holiday in an exotic setting. if you are coming by yourself, you will not be alone!

Keep the practice alive

We encourage our students to build up little rituals in establishing their practice. only 10 minutes of meditation, and 10 minutes on the mat in the morning will ease your mind and body for a good start to each day

Who We Invite to Our Yoga School

Our yoga courses (TTC, yoga retreats, and daily drop-ins) are open to people with all levels of yoga experience and physical ability. we welcome solo travelers, couples, and friends from all walks of life and from around the world. what we ask of our students what we value is that you come with an open mind and an honest intention to be real, present, compassionate to yourself, and kind to others, and an overall willingness to be authentic and open.

About Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamsala

About yoga teacher training in Dharamshala, India Raj Yoga School, we guide and invite you to explore the art of healthy hedonism: savoring food with mindfulness, delight, and gratitude! “hedonism,” comes from the Greek word for pleasure and we believe you can enjoy a healthy dose of indulgence, while being mindful and moderate, using the tools yoga and meditation give you to listen in and respect your body’s natural rhythms and your mind’s presence.

Flow of the Day:

Mornings begin with fresh juice, or a healing ayurvedic tea depending on where we are in the world. step into the tranquility and rejuvenating power of nature on a serene walk in McLeod Ganj hills, a stroll in the lavender fields, or meditation on the waves on a tropical beach. after mid-morning yoga enjoy a well-earned farm-to-table brunch on a

Beautiful terrace race

Afternoons begin with a mouth-watering gourmet salad followed by free time to lounge by the beach or pool, relax with a massage, read, or siesta. depending on location, we offer cooking classes and wine tastings, tours to discover an insider’s glimpse of local culture, or physical adventures such as hiking, surfing, and horseback riding. at sunset each day we reconvene for a rejuvenating yoga, meditation, and pranayama.

evenings are pure magic, as we relish the magnificent tastes and simple pleasures of good food, and good and wonderful company!

Who comes to Raj Yoga school?

We have sisters, couples, mothers daughters/sons duos, and friends, but a majority of our guests are solo travelers seeking like-minded people in a healthy, rejuvenating holiday in an exotic setting. if you are coming by yourself, you will not be alone!

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