Raj Yoga School – An overview of our yoga classes

Daily Drop in classes

What is a daily drop-in Yoga?

Daily drop-in yoga” typically refers to yoga classes that are available daily and where participants can attend individual classes without being committed to a series or membership.

The term “drop-in” means that participants can attend a single session without having to sign up for a membership. This flexibility is appealing to those who may have unpredictable schedules or who are simply looking to try out a class without a long-term commitment.

Daily drop-in yoga classes may vary in style, intensity, and duration, catering to a wide range of preferences and skill levels. We provide an opportunity for individuals to engage in yoga practice regularly, either as part of their routine or on an ad-hoc basis.

Daily Drop-In Yoga Classes at Raj Yoga School

Want to do Yoga but not commit to anything? Our Drop-In Class Classes will leave you with all the freedom and flexibility. You can choose between various Yoga styles and levels every day. No accreditation is needed (except for 6 AM Pranayama & Meditation). Just come to the studio whenever you feel like it.

We provide Drop-In Class Classes in Pranayama & Meditation, Ashtanga Primary Series, Vinyasa Flow  Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Aerial Yoga, and Acro Yoga. We provide daily drop-in Yoga classes of yoga and guided meditations throughout the season, for those who can not engage with yoga the whole day – open to all of our yoga holiday guests and also to ‘drop-in’ guests who stay outside of Raj Yoga School. Our yoga classes are convenient for all levels.

The classes are built on traditional Hatha Yoga, meaning that they follow a physical exercise to open up the energy channels of the energetic and physical bodies as a tool for higher awareness. Our teachers will cast the practice with their life experience (from Bhakti & Vinyasa to Iyengar and Yin) to give it their well-attested flavor. Having said that, classes will almost always include Meditation (in movement or stillness) and Pranayama (breathwork). The following styles of yoga are generally offered throughout the season: Vinyasa, Iyengar, Yin, Restorative, Dynamic, Flow, etc.

Schedule of Daily drop-in classes in Dharamshala and Goa

Daily Drop in Yoga and Meditation Classes schedule Dharamshala (April – September) and Goa Arambol (November – March)

No class on Sundays

TimingClassesDaysOne Class Price5 Classes Price
07:00-08:30Ashtanga Primary SeriesAdvance Booking400 Rupees1500 Rupees
09:00-10:30Hatha Yoga & PranayamaMonday to Saturday400 Rupees1500 Rupees
11:00-12:00Aerial YogaMonday to Saturday
(Advance Booking)
400 Rupees——
13:00-14:00Aerial YogaMonday to Saturday
(Advance Booking)
400 Rupees——
16:00 – 17:00Vinyasa FlowTuesday, Thursday, Saturday400 Rupees1500 Rupees
16:00-17:30Ashtanga Primary Series & Vinyasa FlowMonday, Wednesday, Friday400 Rupees1500 Rupees
18:00-19:00MeditationAdvance Booking400 Rupees1500 Rupees

Private Classes

You would like to have a one-to-one class with one of our teachers? Enjoying full attention to every posture? This might be helpful if you struggle with certain asanas and want an experienced teacher to observe your practice or add some inspiration to it.

Private Class Fee Structure
  • Single Class: 800 Rupees

Just contact us with what you have in mind (date and intention would be helpful) and we will find a solution that is measured to your needs.

Do you have more questions about the Drop-In Classes or Private Classes in Dharamshala or Goa? Please email us at rajyogaschool@gmail.com(don’t forget to mention the date you want to start) or call us (Call or WhatsApp +91 821 942 3874).

What is Yoga? Yoga is a form of exercise that stretches the mind and body. The classes teach you to stretch your muscles in a safe and sustained way, reducing tensions and being ready to be able to relax.

 What should I expect? You will learn through a systematic program to build strength and flexibility (it is a myth that you need to be flexible to start yoga – in fact, it is better if you’re not).

 Can I join the class? To join the class, you should be fit and well, although we sometimes accept those with medical conditions* where we can adapt aspects of the regular class program.

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